So the whole moment of our religion can be lost if we do not fulfill the second commandment [Jesus gave us: Love thy Neighbor as Thyself.]

When you enter into judgment, criticism and condemnation of others, you cannot love them as thyself ...

If we come into the sanctuary and give our devotions to God and then go forth and withhold the intensity of our love for God from his creatures, where is our religion? ...

You see, this is the Alpha and the Omega of our path. The Alpha is our connecting with the Spirit, the powerhouse, the Source...But the Omega is the fulfillment of the Alpha...It is the giving of [our love] to the part of God that needs love most: the soul that is gone astray, the soul that is apart and caught, as the one lost sheep in the brambles, and must be personally fetched by the shepherd—you the shepherd, you the embodied Christ, you the embodiment of your Christ Self....

Please realize that if our religion and all of the teachings of the ascended masters do not equate with us as a greater love for all people that we have ever had before, a greater love then any other religion teaches or inculcates, then we have lost the message of the Great White Brotherhood.

And we have nothing to teach if we are not the living flame of Love in action ...

When you love someone truly, do you know how it makes them feel? It makes them feel that they want to be who they really are. It makes them feel that they want to be worthy of God's love. God's love is so wonderful and beautiful, it inspires people to transcend themselves, instead of knocking them in the old order of condemnation. …

All life is raised when one person decides to be who they are —because you have decided to love as God loves.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator: The Great Commandment,
Published by The Summit Lighthouse May 28, 1984 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 23




   Many people had joyous, spiritually transcendent, and life-transforming moments with Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, messengers for the Great White Brotherhood. By collecting these moments here, we hope to tell the story of who Mark and Mother really are—adepts among us who healed, blessed and awakened thousands of souls to their great God-potential.

   The witnesses on these pages are first-hand accounts, as well as photographs taken by students who personally knew Mark and Mother, and worked or traveled alongside them. You will also find an overview of their teachings, and a list of links and community resources.

   If you have a personal witness or picture of Mark or Mother, we hope you will share it with us, so we can publish it on this site. If you are a spiritual seeker who would like more information about Mark, Mother and their teachings, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

   God bless you.

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