Meeting Mark Prophet
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Terry Canady

     The Four Winds Organic Center was a health food store located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. I “wandered” into it one afternoon, looking to replenish my vitamin supply. What I found, needless to say, was a whole lot more than vitamins! I met Mark Prophet, his family and staff, the Great White Brotherhood and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. Wow! What a deal!
   That place was really unique. There was good, natural food, lots of vitamins and supplements, a juice and salad bar, a formal dining room (with a grand piano), and a small bookstore where you could plop down on a bright yellow couch and read about cooking, the Great Pyramid of Giza, America and her divine destiny, Edgar Cayce, or Lemuria and Atlantis. One day, Mark, himself, handed me Manly P. Hall’s book The Secret Destiny of America, and said, “Now, here’s a book I think you’ll enjoy.” He must have read my patriotic vibe.
   I have to tell you that Mark Prophet was just a good friend to me long before he became a guru, or teacher, to me. Whenever I would see him at the store, he was always so comfortable to be around and a lot of fun to talk to. It seemed like he had so much to say. He had the ability to meet someone right where they were in consciousness, and he wouldn’t talk down to you. He met me right where I was and accepted me for who I was, with all the baggage I carried and with all of my “stuff” (everything in my consciousness that was ready for the refiner’s fire). He was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever known. I was fascinated just to hear him talk and explain things to people. He was very friendly and extremely balanced. He never told me that he was a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood or that I was a potential chela. Now that I look back, though, after having been steeped in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters for over 33 years, I realize that Mark must have known that the best thing he could have done for me, at that time, was to simply be the best example of what the Teachings represented.
   Because Mark made me feel so welcome there at the store whenever I visited, I gave him, in a gesture of gratitude, a signed 8x10 glossy promotional photo of myself and one of the 45 rpm records of mine that I had recorded in Nashville (“Mama Bear,” on the “A” side, on the Metro/Country label). The song had just made it to the #1 position in a few major markets (Kansas City, Denver and Des Moines), meanwhile getting airplay all over the country. I thought Mark might enjoy a copy. Something I found out later, from a staff member, was that after the store closed that day, Mark took the record upstairs and played it for everyone.
   For all the time I spent at the Four Winds talking with staff members about the Ascended Masters and their teachings, try as they may, they could not drag me to a church service. Sunday evening services were held at La Tourelle for the general public, and my Sunday evenings were usually free. The thing of it is, I just wasn’t interested in going to church.
   I think I just wanted to find God on the street, and that was what I was doing when I was hanging out at the Four Winds and learning about the Ascended Masters and their teachings. I have faith that Mark knew all this, and that he was not interested in overwhelming me with “church stuff.” He knew I would eventually take up this path and support the work that he began.
   One thing I’ll always remember about Mark was how he greeted me after the first service I attended. He stood just outside the chapel door and greeted people as they exited. When it was my turn to shake his hand, he looked at me and said, "Well, Terry Canady, how nice to see you.” I was very impressed, because it’s one thing to make acquaintances with people at the store, but quite another to be able to call someone by their full name after a Sunday night service with many people in attendance. What this said to me was, “My gosh. This man really does know who I am.” After shaking his hand, I told him what a great service it had been and what a nice job he had done. He responded in that big, beautiful voice of his, “All glory to God!” He sure knew how to redirect any adulation back to the Godhead. I’m so grateful I heard him use that phrase, because it is one that I’ve picked up and have tried to make a part of my response whenever anyone compliments me on my performing or my entertaining.

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