Mark's Ascension
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Dorothy Angleton

   I attended Mark’s memorial service and drove home with a friend. We took the usual route and came to the first place where the mountains come together. I looked up in the sky and could hardly believe my eyes. There was a giant threefold flame-blue, yellow and pink. It wasn’t made with clouds. It was just there in the sky, three giant plumes of fiery substance. At that moment, we wished we had a camera. Then, we came to another break in the mountains and up in the sky was a gigantic victory star, made of white lines. We knew it was for Mark’s ascension.
   After Mark's passing, Summit University was happening at the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara. I attended an evening service and they played one of Mark’s favorite songs, “How great thou art.” I was sitting in the overflow room and all of a sudden I heard Mark’s voice singing. After the service, I told the people at the AV booth that I had to have a copy of that tape. “Sorry, they said, “we don’t have a version with Mark.”
  “I heard him, “ I said.
  “No,” they said, "he’s not on that tape.” They played the tape for me and sure enough, Mark wasn’t on it.