Chanting Elohim and Other Stories
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Jeffrey Lewis

  It was 1971, after a Sunday dictation by the Elohim Cyclopea. Everyone had left for dinner. I ran into Mark, who was staying around the house. We were talking and I told him how much I enjoyed just chanting the word "Elohim." Still standing by the back door, Mark started to pick up on that idea and got clearly into it. He began to chant slowly two or three times, with a rich timber: E-L-O-H-I-M. He had his eyes closed and was making attunement. I realized we were doing the unexpected, which was the order of the day with Mark. You could feel the energy changing around him as he drew down the power of Elohim. He got to his concluding point, opened his eyes and continued the conversation at the level we had left off. Then he stopped. "Well," he said "my eyesight is better." "Really?" I asked. "Yes, yes it is," he said, looking around. Then he went inside. I understood this was an extraordinary window of opportunity for me. He was giving me his own personal example, fueling my own passion in the science of the spoken word with something as simple as chanting Elohim.

   On Mark's son's birthday, the weather was very overcast. There was crepe paper decorations everywhere and it started to rain. The ladies who were organizing the party went to see Mark and asked him to help out. Mark went out with a silver dollar and started making calls. Over a period of an hour or so, the sky opened up like the lens of a camera with a circling action, creating a sunny afternoon for the party.One person even said she saw the raindrops go back up!
   We asked Mark how he did it. He told us he showed the elementals what he wanted them to do by giving them the matrix of the coin, instructing them to go in a circle to create a vortex to open air energy. Mark was very matter of fact, very practical. He wasn't showing off. He was just tending to the need of the hour, so the party would run smoothly.

   One day I drove with Mark to his son's school for a meeting with the principal. I was sitting in the car waiting and decided to meditate on my Mighty I AM Presence. When Mark got back to the car, the first thing he said was, "I see you've been meditating." He knew what was going on and he simply acknowledged it. Inner mystical events were as tangible to him as outer events.

   Mark loved to have fun. He made a point of making people laugh and breaking up calcified energy that blocks the flow of the Holy Spirit.

   One day, I was asked to go with an older student to do some evangelical work and share the teachings with some young people. We went and had a little talk and answered their questions. We came home, and Mark and Mother were in the dining room. Mother asked me how it went. As I shared with them, Mark made a couple of comments that indicated to me that he had been able to hear and witness most of what I had talked about. It's as if he had clair audience or had bi located to the scene. He was actually much less interested in my story than Mother. She hadn't been there and wanted to know what happened, but Mark certainly had. It was another inner invisible level that Mark operated out of, the spiritual secret agent consciousness that he wore so well. And I remember thinking to myself, "Oh, that's another thing that Mr. Prophet does."