Miracle of the Oil
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Alex and Margaret Reichardt

    During a conference at La Tourelle in Colorado Springs during the 60’s, the time had come for Mark to anoint the students of the Masters with the oil of spikenard. So he asked a staff member to get the bottle from his office. But when he looked into the jar, he saw that it was almost empty.
   With faith in God and a trusting heart, he called to beloved Jesus for the increase and began anointing the disciples of Christ. The endless stream of those seeking to receive their blessing kept coming, yet there was still oil in the jar. Finally, the last person came forward.
    Having completed the blessing, he looked into the jar and there was the miracle before him. The Lord had indeed given the increase and now the jar was full! Mark seemed to be as surprised as everyone else, and also pleased. It was a small miracle in the Biblical sense. He just looked at the bottle, smiled that big grin of his and had it put away somewhere safe. After all, it was now a holy object!

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