Howdy Partner!

a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Alex and Margaret Reichardt

    In July of ‘68 Mark wanted to go to the Tetons for a short vacation and take a dictation from one of the Masters at the Royal Teton Retreat near Jackson, Wyoming. So he told Ruth Jones (now ascended)and me to get ourselves ready. Bright and early we were rolling out the back gate at La Tourelle in the Travco with enough provisions for a week. Mother was there to say goodbye with the staff including Beulah Heaney (now Ascended Lady Master Beatitude) and Phoebe Hammond who prepared food for the trip.
   Mark was in high spirits -- jovial, singing and cracking jokes. And “Ruthie,” as Mark called her, and I were enjoying it and having a good time. He was beginning to feel relaxed and relieved to get out from under the scope of the dark forces.
    How well I remember him behind the wheel singing “How Great Thou Art.” It was so moving and I felt he was singing directly to God. I could see it in his eyes as he poured his heart out with each word. He also loved singing Mother’s keynote “Beautiful Dreamer” and his own, “Greensleeves”. He loved Mother very deeply with the special love of twin flames and singing her keynote brought them closer together on his trips away from home.
    Later that day we crossed into Wyoming and began climbing into the “high country” sprinkled with log cabins, quivering aspens and jackleg fences. Every once in a while we would see a stray cow crossing the road. The weather was perfect with azure blue skies and wisps of white clouds in ever-changing patterns. Up ahead were the majestic purple Tetons marking our destination.
   Howdy, Partner!
   Mark had quite a sense of humor and loved playing jokes. And he got his opportunity as we turned the bend. He spied a cowpoke herding his cows along the road. He grabbed his microphone and shouted through the rooftop speaker, Howdy partner!
   The man jumped, looked around, scratched his head and couldn’t figure out where that sound came from. Ruth slapped her knee and exclaimed Oh, Mark! laughing heartily.
   We continued on up to the Tetons and found a place to park for the night in the shadow of Lord Lanto’s Retreat.

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