My Commission from Mother Mary

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Dorothy Lee Fulton,
Messenger of Music

    It was in ’95 during a conference at the South Ranch when I was living in North Glastonbury. The forces had some kind of a ray on my head. I couldn’t think or do anything. Then it came time for Mother Mary to give her dictation. So Mother walked on the platform to take it, but Mother Mary told her she couldn’t have the dictation until I got there.
So Mother had to get on the phone and made spiritual calls to get that energy off me, so I could get in the car and drive down to the service. As soon as I got there, Mother Mary came.
   She gave me her mantle and said that she would work through me. She put her healing and love in the music. And she came to tell me that I would bring forth the music for the saving of souls. She said this at a conference in King Arthur’s Court, and she had me up on the stage. Mother held my hands while she was telling me that. And I’ve been writing ever since and Mother Mary has been with me to show me how. We’ve got over eighty songs so far.

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