In the Eye of the Storm
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Alberta Fredricksen 

      I would like to share one of the ways God uses to show his love and caring for each one of us personally.
For those of us who moved to Montana from 1988 to 1990 to help build our community here, it was a time of facing and overcoming the suspicion and fear on the part of some residents already here. They did not know what we were about and many false rumors were simply accepted as fact. Many were reluctant to hire newcomers and we were all scrutinized about matters that had nothing to do with our ability to perform the various employment opportunities we sought.
     When I answered the call to come and build our community, I left a wonderful professional position as the Human Resource Administrator of a large California School District. When I first arrived, I took a $5/hour part-time position that led me to an opening for a personnel director at the State Prison for men. Now no one really grows up as a child thinking that they would love to work in a prison. Nevertheless, there I was, and I was happy to have a found a human resources position. It was not easy since there was continuing unfavorable publicity about our faith community and when you are the only person others know from that community, building relationships can be rough sledding. However, I met and worked with many fine people who were there because they really believed they could make a difference. Eventually, heart-to-heart contacts overcame the rough areas with most, if not all, of the people.
   After working at the prison for more than a year, a school district announced a brand new position for a personnel director and I was thrilled at the prospect of getting back into human resource work for a school system, as teaching and education had been my whole profession and my passion. I knew that my previous training and experience would make me a well qualified applicant for this position if only all the negative publicity would not get in the way. I prayed and did novenas for God’s Will and went forward with the application process.
   Also during this time, our church community was reaching out and demonstrating our desires to be good neighbors in Montana and to break down the unseen barriers. Mother and the Staff arranged to present a performance of The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare and invited community leaders and members from around the area to attend at Ranch Headquarters. I attended with a very good friend and it was a great event.
   At the reception following the play, the two of us wanted to greet Mother and thank her for these efforts to reach out to the community of Montana. My friend also wanted very much to ask Mother a question. A short time earlier, one of the masters had stated that if we were to meet the Messenger along the way, we could ask her specifically what we needed to do to help us win our ascension. So we waited politely for our turn to approach Mother.
    Then, just as we got up to her, Mother said she wanted to get something to eat and motioned for us to walk close behind her as she sampled a few things from the reception tables. She went over to sit down and indicated for us to sit with her. Other people kept coming up and talking to her. Finally, Mother turned to her and said, “What is it that you want to ask me?” We were both surprised that she knew, so my friend asked her the question and Mother responded to both of us. She said, “The most important thing you can do to win your ascension is to balance your threefold flame.” We both thanked her and stood up preparing to leave. Mother stood and instead of taking our hands in a handshake, she embraced each one of us in a full body embrace.
   We left feeling wonderful. I returned to my work at the Prison and continued with my application for the school district. My notification of being considered as a finalist came by way of a newspaper article. All the rumors and gossip were up and active at my workplace again as well as at my prospective workplace. Then the newspaper reporter called me and told me they were running another article about my church and about the shelters members of our community were building. In short, they wanted to talk about everything except my qualifications for the position. I begged the reporter not to print this other information and told them it had nothing to do with my work. I also pleaded that publishing this before I was selected could jeopardize my ability to develop good relationships in the district and in the community. He told me they would be printing it anyway.
   I knew this would be worse than the publicity I received in gaining the prison position. I cried, I prayed and I really did not think I could survive it again. I even thought about returning to California. In the early, dark, cold hours of the next morning, I went out quickly to buy the paper and came back to my room and cried some more. Then, a calmness came over me and the thought – well, you prayed for this and you submitted it entirely to God’s Will. Now you are a finalist and it could happen; you have to play your part and allow God’s Will to work through you and you can’t do it in California.
   The School Board selected me. In the beginning, there were eight articles or letters to the editor and I was the lead-story on TV two nights running. A local radio program that did not like the school board kept referring to me in a very disparaging way as one of the many mistakes the school board made. I thought about all the negative publicity Mother had received and about her public trials. I actually felt honored to stand with her and for her and the ascended masters, and, once again, the heart-to-heart contacts with good people overcame a rough beginning.
   Thirty-five months later, when I was selected for the next school district Personnel Director’s position, a similar scenario outplayed itself but this time, I had good recommendations from my coworkers at the prison and in the previous school district staff.
   Looking back, I can see that when Mother gave me that full embrace, it prepared me and gave my chakras a boost and a spin! She had already overcome initiations with the media and God used her to strengthen me in every way to go through the same test. In each subsequent trial attempting to smear my professional status with issues of faith, God triumphed. I enjoyed a rewarding ten-year career in my final position, as well as opportunities to teach at Montana State University as an adjunct instructor. I was blessed with wonderful colleagues and developed friendships that have endured to this day.
   Thank you, God! And thank you, Mother, for answering the call to be God’s Messenger to us all and to set such an example!