Chopping and Mopping
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Elvira O. Villanueva

      In the spring of 1980 I applied for and was accepted to Level II of Summit University. I was very excited and eager to move on to higher levels of study, thinking it would benefit me as a leader of our Manila study group. But, upon my arrival I was met with a different message. Mother preferred that I serve on staff at the California headquarters.
      The message did not disappoint me as much as the assignment did. I did not come from a country as far away as the Philippines to work in the kitchen! Coming from a fine lifestyle in my own country, I could not imagine how to turn this unappealing idea into an opportunity. However, I decided to accept the assignment as a test of something that I just did not understand, and proceeded.
      I wanted to learn, and that was all I had in my mind. And so I did what I could, even if for some weeks I felt totally battered with body pains and aches doing work I had never done before. The kitchen fed hundreds of people and I was washing boxes-full of vegetables and doing mountains of dishes, mopping floors, and cleaning up. All this and more.
      It was taxing beyond belief. But I kept going and kept thanking the masters for the most restful nightly sleeps. Without those extremely restful hours I didn't think I would be able to carry on.
      But carry on I did. And eventually I was asked to attend whenever Mother was teaching, along with working. It was as if Mother knew what I needed to do in order to grow. Was that physical load meant to move me, to push me from a life of comfort and down from my perch?
      Whatever the test was, how I grew from those experiences of chopping and mopping! And how I have also grown to consider Mother not only my teacher, but also my sister and friend on the path. Personal encounters with Mother over the years since then have been precious indeed. And I have realized how truly human, and how truly divine she is at the same time.