An Unexpected Birthday Gift
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Robert McKenzie

      From my time on the staff of the Royal Teton Ranch, I keep more than a few fond memories of some of my encounters with Mother. These are treasures in my heart, but the following story is about my beloved wife, Julie, and of an unexpected birthday gift she received.
      During the October conference in 1998 Julie and I were staying in Glastonbury, a community of Keepers of the Flame near the ranch. On the morning of October 10th, which happens to be Julie's birthday, we were up early, preparing to travel to the ranch to attend the services and presentations for the day. Over breakfast, Julie told me of her desire to have a new set of earrings. I told her when the class was over, we should go shopping and she could choose a pair of earrings for herself.
      We arrived at the ranch and went into King Arthur's Court for the decree session. I was leading the service for a couple of hours and at the break, ventured outside for some sunlight. Julie was already there and as soon she spotted me she came over to where I was standing. There was this huge smile on her face. She told me that one of Mother's assistants had just handed her an envelope and a box. The woman said it was from Mother. Julie opened the box and found inside a beautiful pair of Mother's earrings along with a sweet message, asking Julie if she would wear them as a token of her love for her.
      Mother and Julie had spoken with each other on several occasions before this, once at Summit University and again at a couple of conferences around the country and just the day before we had both spent a brief time with her at the ranch. To our knowledge, Mother was not consciously aware it was Julie's birthday, let alone that she wanted some earrings!
      We were both profoundly moved by Mother's love and awareness that extends way beyond the bounds of time and space and by her precious gift.