Flu Be Gone!

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Monique Calef

      During the first three months of 1975, I attended Summit University along with 76 other students. Our ascended-master sponsors were Hilarion and Mother Mary. It was an exciting quarter because we learned about the power of visualization and the spoken word, using the healing thoughtform.
      I remember during the first month of that session, Mother came to class once to teach and two-thirds of the students, including me, were absent. We were in our dorms with a terrible flu. I was told Mother was not too happy about that—we weren't practicing what we were learning!
      So that evening Mother and a group of staff members dressed in full regalia came charging through the sick bay dorm rooms. Someone was carrying a lit torch - a big torch. Someone had incense burning. And Mother had a blue cape on and she was swinging one of her spiritual swords like a Kung Fu master. And then the staff with her were doing decrees (a form of chanting) at about 300 miles an hour. I was totally awestruck—it didn't even seem like they were breathing between their decrees. If this was practicing what was being preached, I was a little scared!
      I was very new to all of this. In fact, I had never attended a conference, nor was I even a Keeper of the Flame (the spiritual fraternity of the church). Anyway, I will just never forget this. The four girls in my dorm were all lying in bed sicker than ever when the door burst open. The group came charging through and I remember looking up from my bed at that big torch of fire, thinking—what in the world is going on here? I thought I was done for!
      Well, no sooner had my jaw dropped to the floor than the group was out of there and on to the next room. The next morning I thought it must have all been a dream, and I wasn't sure whether it was a good one or a bad one. But sure enough, within 48 hours, half the students were back in class. And I was just starting to understand a little bit of the more-than-dynamic nature of Elizabeth Clare Prophet.