A Polish Meal

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Eva Tame

    In 1985, I was invited by beloved Mother to come from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I was then residing, to the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana and work for one year in the editorial office under her sponsorship and supervision. As a student from Poland, without authorization to work in the USA, beloved Mother offered me a position among her editorial team as her personal guest.
    Working in the so-called "Mother's editorial" has always been a demanding task. Mother and El Morya's "blue ray" was everywhere around the department, which translated into long, demanding hours, ever-present energy of super attuned consciousness and finest attention to detail.
    After a few months, with many tests and initiations piling up, I felt I was at the end of the rope, working six, if not sometimes seven days a week at my desk in front of the computer. I wished for a release and made silent calls for a reprieve, if any.
    One day Mother sent me a note asking if I would like to consider producing a small Polish cookery book and preparing a Polish meal for the community. I could barely believe my eyes! Cooking, baking and serving meals has always been my favorite service to my Polish family and to my friends in Poland and abroad.
    So I was sent to the Ranch Kitchen one day out of the seven, every week for two months, to work with the wonderful staff there, to produce a cook book, featuring ascended master style examples of world famous Polish cuisine. It was fun beyond fun! A few weeks later, we served bigos, a lovely Polish stew and dessert to the staff. Many folks on staff considered working in the kitchen as a kind of discipline, if not the severest of punishments. A few staff members asked me what I could have done wrong, to be punished by having to work in the kitchen! For me, the kitchen is the best place to enjoy Mother Mary's flame. It is the love of the Mother flame and her energy which the Polish people have always so loved and respected.
    If this was punishment—then I want more . . .

Photograph of Mother holding the Polish Solidarity Madonna