Mother's Premonition
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Alex Reichardt

   One evening Mother asked me to drive her two daughters back to Camelot from her home in Malibu, California. She then gave me a stern warning from the Master that if any dogs should try to attack the vehicle, to keep going and not swerve to avoid hitting them, jeopardizing the lives of her daughters.
    That night while driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, the sound of a pack of vicious dogs enveloped the car. Remembering Mother’s warning I kept going straight with the dogs yelping on all sides and the girls screaming.
    After the sounds subsided, one of the girls insisted we go back and make sure the dogs were okay, saying she would feel awful if anything had happened to them. I turned around and discovered there was absolutely no sign of them or any evidence they had ever been there.
    These were astral energies that Mother had anticipated were going to attack us. Had I not heeded her warning, I might have fallen into the trap and an accident could have happened.

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