Traveling Through Past Lives
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Ken Mc Neil


   I was out with Mark one day on our Middle East tour when we approached a fence and all of a sudden Mark started tackling me. Somehow I hit my head on a rock and against barbed wire and I was bleeding pretty bad. So was Mark. Mother said to us, “You boys play so rough!”
   We went home to clean up. After my shower, I looked in the mirror and all of my injuries had vanished. I was late for dinner and I was trying to sneak in, when I heard this big voice thundering: “Kenneth Mc Neil what are you doing standing behind those bushes? Come on in and stand like a man.”
   “Mark,” I said, “a miracle has happened. I’m completely healed.”
    “Well you haven’t seen anything yet,” said Mark, lifting up his shirt. “Look children, mine is healed too. From now on Kenneth Mc Neil and I are going to be friends forever. A long time ago I was Saladdin and Kenneth was a Christian knight, and we fought on the same hill that we fought today, and the masters have decided to heal him and to heal me.”

   We were at the Parthenon where Pallas Athena’s statue is. I looked down to tie my shoe and all of a sudden, I felt a strong wind and I looked up, and there were lights shining down from heaven. “Well,” said Mark, “I’m going to test this story and if it’s true.” And so we bent down together and pretended to tie our shoes and the wind started blowing. Mark said, “OK, the wind is blowing so half of your story is true. Now let’s stand up and see if the rest of it holds up.” We looked up and he also saw these lights shining down from heaven and he said “Look everybody, Pallas Athena is pouring down her love on Kenneth and I and on all of you!” Everyone clapped. Another witness also saw the light shining down.

   When I was a little boy, my third eye was open and I could see and play with Eric, my little gnome, along with many other fairies, sylphs and elementals. Later on, this ability was lost. I was riding on the bus with Mark and told him how I used to be able to see those things and how I had lost that vision. Mark told me God wanted my third eye open again and so he whacked me on the head. “There’s my gnome,” I said, “the one I used to know.” “Good,” said Mark, “now you buddies can be buddies again.” He’s been with me ever since.
   Mark worked a lot with elementals (nature spirits) and they obeyed him. He taught me how to command them through love. One day he was showing me how it worked. He started making it rain and snow right over the garden, half and half. "Careful Mark," I said, "You're making it snow over Mother's flowers." "Oops," he said and he turned the snow back to rain. It wasn't raining anywhere else!

   We were in Versailles and there were all the beautiful fountains. Mark asked me, “Tell me what you think of those fountains?” I replied, “The fountains are beautiful but I don’t like that muddy pond at the end.” Then Mark told me, “I can tell you why you don’t like that pond. As Louis the 14th, I always liked to have parties and I wanted to have a lake people could paddle around. You were one of my generals and I told you I wanted that lake dug. You had to stay up several days and nights digging with your men so I could have my party.” “You mean 400 years later I still don’t like the lake?” I asked. “See what happens to you when you come back many times,” said Mark.