Indian Tea with Mark
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Timothy Connor


  I encountered Mark Prophet quite by chance on an icy street corner in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in December, 1972. Recognizing him from a Summit Lighthouse flyer I had seen, I invited him and his four companions—as it turned out, Summit employees—to the Indian restaurant where I worked, for some tea and conversation. He accepted with a hearty smile.
    Soon we were seated under a picture of the Hindu servant, Hanuman, while Mark shared his enthusiasm for ‘Mother India,” enchanting our small restaurant staff and me with anecdotes from his visit there. He described the overflowing abundance of temples and shrines and religious statuary. We heard of bus rides with yogis meditating in lotus position while chickens flew about the cab. He shared with us the ‘mystical beauty’ of the Taj Mahal. And he told of receiving freshly baked chapattis from gracious Buddhist monks in their tranquil Himalayan retreat.
    Reflecting back on this encounter, as I have done numerous times, I can say that what came through from Mark was his vibrant humor and an almost childlike joy of sharing in the Spirit. He is often described by those who knew him as confidant and friend as a person of magnanimous heart.
    I can witness that it was my single encounter with Mark and his magnanimous heart that drew me to the Summit activity, and that has helped me through the thick and thin of all the ensuing years to sustain my spiritual path. In short, meeting Mark Prophet was a life-changing experience and an enormous blessing, and I shall forever be grateful to him.