Morya's Birthday Gift and Other Stories
a witness of Mark Prophet and the ascended masters by Dr. Merle Bouma

   I first met Mark in the Fall of 1971 when I came to La Tourelle in Colorado Springs for a Sunday evening service. This where the Sermons for a Sabbath Evening came from. I always looked forward to those services and the "fireside chat" following. Mark never gave a sermon or lecture with notes in front of him. He would often begin by expounding on very profound teachings, then phase into practical stories to bring it all down to earth. He seemed to know what people were thinking and what they needed to hear.
   One particular Sunday evening, he began his sermon and after a short time, stopped and asked us to sing a song. During the song, three people in the front row walked out. After the song was finished, Mark said. "Ok, that's taken care of and we can get back to the sermon. Those people didn't want to be here so I wanted to give them an opportunity to leave graciously."
  Mark seemed to know many things happening in peoples lives even when not directly involved. Once, I attended a couple of lectures by a man who claimed to be an expert on various aspects of healing and nutrition. A few days later, Mark called me aside after a service and said to me, "I'm not trying to interfere in your life but I wanted you to know that I checked on this man and got a red light from the Master." (When Mark used the word "Master" that way, we knew he was referring to El Morya.)

   One of Mark's stories I particularly liked was when Morya told him he wanted give Elizabeth a birthday gift. Mark explained to me,
    "The Master told me to buy Elizabeth a birthday gift for him. So I said to him, 'You want to give Elizabeth a birthday gift but you want me to pay for it?' and Morya said, 'Yes, that's right.' I went out and bought the gift the Master wanted and it cost me fifty dollars. That evening someone came to the door and gave me fifty dollars. So the Master pays his bills." Mark could joke about the Master as if he was one of his childhood friends.

   Mark officiated at our wedding. When he found out that Margy and I planned to get married, he said to Florence Miller, "Do you think they will let me marry them?" He really wanted to do that and enjoyed the ceremony and the reception at La Tourelle.

   Even after his ascension Mark is still involved in our lives. The most memorable incident for me was in about 1981 or '82 when I was unable to reach Mother regarding a directive. I tried all day. No success. That evening after the Saint Germain Service, I wrote to Lanello and asked him to help me reach Mother because it was important that I talk to her. I burned it and went to bed. I awoke at 7AM the following morning hearing a voice, "Call Mother". My response was "Do what?" The voice again said,"Call Mother." Then some cynical part of me said, "I'll bet she is just sitting at the phone waiting for me to call." The voce responded with, "You wrote the letter, didn't you?" So I called her and had a five minute conversation with her to resolve the issue, which was completely resolved in the next 24 hours. Then, Mother said, "I've got to go, I'm on my way out to catch a plane."
   I realized that I only had this small window of opportunity to reach her and Lanello gave me the signal. The experience helped me to understand a little better the Master's teachings on obedience.





Photograph of Master M from Theosophy