Old Friends
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Jeffrey McNabb

    My dad was a spiritual man and a 32nd degree mason, but had never accepted our church as his own. Still, he definitely accepted Mother as a great spiritual leader. He supported us for years so we could work on staff. Once, when we asked Mother whether it was lawful she said yes, that it was his good karma.
    Mother and my dad had heard a lot about each other but hadn’t met. When my dad moved here at the age of eighty, he wanted to meet Mother so my wife Nancy arranged a meeting. He was wearing a bright red flannel shirt. Mother stood up and embraced him with the fullness of her love and acceptance. “Well,” she said. “It feels like old friends’ week. I’ve known you forever.” This was very special.
   When my dad decided to get married at the tender age of 82, he asked Mother permission to marry one of her students. She said yes and served Holy Communion at their wedding. Then, two years later on Easter Sunday, he asked to be baptized and Mother came and blessed him.