Mother and My Mom
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Jaime Allison Malm

      I have many fond memories of Mother but one in particular was when Mother and my own mom met in 1986 at Camelot in California. I was on the staff at the California headquarters and my mom flew in from Texas to visit me. She was receiving the Pearls of Wisdom but she didn't want to join the organization, and that was fine with me.
      We were walking the grounds of Camelot and under my breath I said a prayer to Mother Mary, hoping that we would see Mother. Well, sure enough within about 10 minutes Mother came walking around the corner with her own daughter Erin. I called out to her and over she came.
      Mother had the sweetest, warmest smile on her face and she looked into my mom's eyes, shook her hand and they talked about normal everyday things. It was a short and sweet visit. It wasn't long after this meeting, however, that my mom joined the church and became a Keeper of the Flame. My mom told me that an electrical current went through her hands and arms and into her heart when she and Mother shook hands.
      From then on my mom and I walked the path together, until she passed on from cancer in 1993. Mother took the time to speak with my mom in Minneapolis during that difficult time before she passed on. Mother gave my mom great comfort and shared her truths with her. I believe my mom grew leaps and bounds after that talk and I am forever grateful.
      Memories like this are forever imprinted in my mind. Mother has left a huge impression on me. I saw many people inspired to accomplish unbelievable feats because they were in love with the path, and it was Mother who cheered us all on. I adore her. She is very real and personable and yet regardless of what went on around her she never faltered from her mission which was to bring these teachings of the Ascended Masters to light.