All My Money Back
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Brigitte Esswein

    Having left Europe on my quest to find the highest teachings and my spiritual community, I spent two years of search in the US before I arrived at Camelot Easter of 83. Living in a van, I had all the money I possessed on me and planned to go to Hawaii after the Easter Conference. During a love offering the large picture of the All-Seeing Eye of God was put up in the Summit University class room. Looking at it I heard my inner voice compelling me to give all my money away. All of it. I obeyed putting all my traveller checks on the collection plate, searching for any cash in my pockets until I knew I had given all of it away.
   When I came home that night to the woman I stayed with and told her what happened, she suggested that I apply for Summit University. It had already started she told me, but she encouraged me to fill out the application anyway. I did not really know much about the ascended masters and what Summit University was - but I agreed anyway. There was no mention of tuition. The next morning, she took the application to Mother. Mother said that she would give me all my money back so that I could attend Summit University and by the afternoon I was in class.
   Such is the graciousness of the Guru.