The Love of the Mother
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Nancy McNabb

   One of my most precious memories with Mother was our trip to India in 1980. My husband and I had been married and hadn’t been able to take a honeymoon, so Mother invited us to go to India with her as part of our honeymoon. There were about eighteen of us and we traveled for three weeks. Mother gave us the mission to find a building that would serve as a spiritual focus, the Ashram of the World Mother in New Delhi. To get the job done, we had to treasure map the city and we did lots of decrees and prayers to find the right location. Mother told us it was extremely important to anchor the light in India as there are so many devotees of the Divine Mother.
    This trip was my first opportunity to witness Mother not only as a guru, but also as a person interacting with her children, her staff and friends. Mother felt so free in India. She told everyone we came into contact with—merchants, taxicab drivers, you name it—about the teachings, the science of the spoken word and the violet flame. One of my most cherished memories was when we went on a boat on the Ganges river at sunrise and sang bhajans. Mother told us that the Ganges was holy water blessed by Shiva. She blessed each of us with the water and then said, “Okay. It’s time to go swimming. Everybody jump in.” We all went in the water in our clothes and it was amazing how clean, holy and silky it felt!
    I also had the privilege of working in Mother’s household when her son Seth was born and I witnessed the extreme love that she had for her newborn. It was the most tender, most beautiful love and I hold the image of her being that loving mother. She may have been in the middle of an important phone call or meeting, but if her baby needed her, she would drop everything and run to him.
    One Christmas, Mother invited those of us who worked in her household to come have a “cup of cheer” with her. She gave each of us a special blue and white mug as a present. We all had tea or hot cider with her and she shared her appreciation for each of us. I will never forget these moments of kindness.