I Saw Sanat Kumara Appear
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Philip Hoag

      At the Freedom ’73 Conference Mother delivered a dictation from Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. For some reason I had tuned into Sanat Kumara for weeks before the start of this conference. He touched me in some special way and I felt some kind of affinity with him. I actually hummed his keynote for two weeks (during the hours I was awake) until the start of this conference.
   We went out into the tent for the dictation of Sanat Kumara and an amazing thing happened. Mother started taking the dictation and as I looked at her, she seemed to fade out and a white translucent presence took over and appeared where she had been standing. It was unmistakably Sanat Kumara. There was no doubt about it! I’m watching this totally amazed. All of a sudden Sanat Kumara phases out and suddenly Mother comes back and starts shouting, “You are disrupting the force field!”
   There was a woman in the front row who had been giving mudras (hand signs) during the dictation. The ushers quickly removed the lady from the tent. Mother made her attunement and once again, she faded out and Sanat Kumara reappeared.
   During parts of the dictation I could see through Sanat Kumara’s eyes. I could see how compassionately the Masters looked at us. I can remember intimately what he said: “We are spirit sparks yearning for freedom.” He said that “If the great law would allow it, the ascended masters would actually lay down their lives for us.” He had great strength and there was an enormous force that emanated from his heart. He had great self-control and overpowering love. His whole being emanated a great being of self- control. I saw him for the entire dictation and when it was over Mother reappeared.
   I absolutely saw Sanat Kumara! There is no doubt about it. This was the only time I saw an ascended master. I attributed it to humming his keynote for two weeks and thus making attunement with his Presence.
    I learned a lot about Mother through this experience. She is a human being with human flaws who was devoted to being that chalice for the delivery of the word. In seeing her up there — shouting at that lady, she seemed determined to maintain that thread of contact. The most important thing to her was to reconnect to that master and continue with the dictation. It was her devotion to God and mankind that provided that connection.