A Healing Vision
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Joni Wallace

      My first encounter with Elizabeth Clare Prophet was when I began to read her books, The Lost Teachings of Jesus, at the time of the Gulf War. My husband had brought them home saying that one had fallen off the shelf at the bookstore thereby catching his attention. Although I'd just given birth to my second child and my firstborn was a toddler, nevertheless I found time to read through the books quickly. I knew there was truth in those pages, but at the same time I felt terrified. There were all those unfamiliar names. I set the books aside and didn't pick them up again for many years.
      When I became pregnant with my fifth child, I was very sick for a long time with symptoms of pneumonia and bronchitis. I remember being very sad and struggling greatly on many levels. Finally my husband arranged for a massage therapist to come work on me. As she was giving me her treatment she had me wear earphones and listen to a guided imagery tape on healing.
      To this day I don't know what was on that tape! Because instead of tuning in to the tape, my heartfelt prayers for divine intervention were answered. They were answered in the form of a blazing vision of both Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Archangel Michael! A shaft of bright light went through the top of my head and along my spine. Mother began to talk to me and I found myself sobbing at her words. I became aware of some of the outer, as well as the inner reasons for my illness.
      The massage therapist, my husband, and two other people in the room at the time witnessed only my intense sobbing as I released years of hurts through cleansing tears. Needless to say, my recovery was quick and complete after that. I was profoundly changed. So Mother has touched me and healed me in the secret and hidden places of my being. And I am forever changed and changing. I love her greatly.
      So this is my little story that is so, so big to me!