Mother of the Bride
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters

    I joined staff in my early twenties. I wanted to get married and did many novenas to the will of God for the perfect mate. Mother wanted me to marry a man that I had run into, and told me we were soul mates. We tried dating but it just didn't click. Eleven years later and in another state, I was prompted to contact this man once again. Eventually it became clear that we were right for each other, as if a veil had lifted. When I told Mother about it, she was thrilled. She helped me coordinate my wedding and since I had no family, she agreed to stand in as my mother. A few days before the wedding, I had a dream that I was pushing Mother on a swing and she was wearing a periwinkle blue dress. When I told her about the dream, she told me periwinkle was a secret ray color and on my wedding day, she arrived in a periwinkle blue dress!
    Mother and I had a lot of "girlfriend" time together. Mother told me that I was her friend and that I had been her friend for many lifetimes. She was playful and pulled me into the water one day as I was teaching her how to swim. We had a baby shower together and I also looked after many of her children.
   I also spent a lot of time praying for Mother through the many trials that she went through. What always stayed with me was how she forgave everyone, especially those who had wronged her the most.