Stop the Car!
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Rev. Carl Showalter

   I had the privilege of being Mother’s bodyguard on her first five stump tours. And one experienced many interesting phenomenon when accompanying an adept or guru in her travels. It does make a person a believer when he works close to one who connected so intimately with the source.
   I remember one night in mid-America. It was winter and it was raining. The temperature was at freezing. Being on the security team always meant to be aware of all the dangers and this evening was certainly one of great challenge. In spite of the weather we had a good turn out of people.
   The Hotel that hosted the meeting was on top of a hill. The bus that Mother rode in was a block down a very steep hill. Across the street was parking and the parking lot went all the way down the hill to where the bus was setting. But the street that we had to cross to get to the parking lot was already rather steep going down the hill. There was a “T” street at the bottom of the hill and then a deep drop-off onto a street going into a tunnel.
   After the lecture and anointings were over we found everything covered with a thick coating of ice. Now the question became how to get Mother down to her bus. We finally decided to go across the street to the parking lots and work our way down their stair step parking configuration that allowed us to go down a little at a time.
   As I was the driver of the car with mother to my right and other staff filling the car, I proceeded to cross the street to the parking lots. But I didn’t get half way across when the front of the car slid sideways and we began sliding down hill. I steered over against the curb to no avail. I said to Mother, “Mother, I am sorry but I can do nothing to stop this car.” With no feeling of fear she said with a very powerful voice, “In the Name of my mighty I AM Presence stop this car!” And the car stopped immediately and the staff assisted Mother out of the car and they carefully walked down to the bus.
There was no physical way for that car to be stopped. It truly taught many of us the power of the spoken word and the adept ship of our beloved Messenger.
   It was experiences such as these and many more that we observed as we traveled with and worked for the Messengers and the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.