A Field of Daisies
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Burt I. Kahn

Dear Friends,
      My name is Burt Kahn. I have been a Keeper of the Flame and Church member for 28 years. I thought that I would share a teaching that Mother has given to me and my wife. Hopefully it will be meaningful to everyone that loves Mother.
      It was an evening about four years ago following an Easter Conference. Mother graciously invited my wife and I for dinner at her home on the ranch. We were discussing the various focuses (statues or representations) of the Ascended Masters and I remarked to Mother that we had on our altar at home in our sanctuary, the photograph of her in a field of daisies. She asked me if I knew the significance of the photo, especially the daisies. I replied that I did not. Mother told us that at a time in the past when she was younger, she was looking out at a field of daisies and realized that the daisies represented us and all the light bearers of the world. It was her mission to gather all of us, her daisies, and give us the teachings of the Ascended Masters.
      Ever since that night, when I look at but one daisy or a field of them, I can see the faces of all of Mother's daisy children and we are all connected, one to the other, and ultimately to her, by a gossamer thread of light.