God Is the Doer
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Marcia Beese

      It was a hot August, and Summit University session was coming to a close. Summit University was a three-month retreat to study the teachings of the ascended masters. As the director of the headquarters kitchen, I had been working on a menu proposal for the President's Reception. This was a very special banquet hosted by Mother, given for the students and faculty as a grand finale at the end of their quarter of study.
      Mother is a very gracious hostess who wanted everything just right for her guests. Since Mother is also an accomplished cook herself, she pays special attention to every detail. It was my challenge to serve the perfect menu, along with the staff in the kitchen.
      Standard procedure was to prepare and serve the proposed menu to Mother for her approval, just as it would be presented to her guests. I had been working for days trying to perfect every dish. There would be an appetizer, a vegetarian and fish entrée, a whole grain, fresh vegetables, a special sauce, and then a simple but elegant dessert. Over the course of a week, I served it to her once and it needed changes. Twice—still not right. Three times—it was getting worse. Then four times. My prayers became more fervent and desperate.
      And by this time I was getting very discouraged. What was I doing managing the kitchen anyway? I thought. For that matter, maybe I should consider moving to another part of the country! I had joined the community to discover how to advance spiritually—was I making more karma than I was balancing?
      Time came for my fifth round. Before I began, Mother looked at me with that great love and wisdom she often expresses and asked, "Are you forgetting that God is the doer? You just have to let go and let God do it." Those words catapulted me into a different space. A place where I needed to be to let the light flow.
      The meal turned out just fine. Mother liked it, and we went on to serve over 200 guests the same menu. It was a grand success, thanks to Mother's gentle but powerful reminder. I have often thought of the words "God is the doer" when I feel overwhelmed and unable to accomplish the possible or even the impossible all by myself.