Rubbing our Baby's Feet
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by the Mason family

    When my daughter was born, the doctor noticed her feet were pigeon-toed instead of straight. Every time I changed her diaper, I had to press against her feet to try to straighten them out and count to 10. Six months went by and the situation wasn’t getting any better. The doctor told me my daughter would have to have leg braces. I was devastated at the thought of my baby having to go through this developmentally, and I fervently prayed to Mother Mary for help, giving the rosary. The doctor told us we had until her next check up to get the braces.
   One afternoon, my husband and I were leaving a building at Camelot. It was a cold morning and I had a big puffy jacket on. My daughter was wrapped inside it and only her little face was showing. Up until that time my husband and I had not had much personal interaction with Mother, only a couple of “hellos.” That morning, Mother came zipping by, doing her morning jog and waved to us. She was about to go into the building when she stopped in her tracks , made an about-turn and came back to see us. She immediately stuck her hands up my jacket and started rubbing Meta’s feet while we were having a chit-chat. Later, when my husband and I got into the car, I said to my husband, “Wasn’t that weird Mother sticking her hand up my jacket?”
   At our next doctor’s appointment, he told us our daughter’s foot problem had been taken care of and never mentioned braces to us again!