A Healing Miracle
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Peggy Keathley

   On December 1, 1999, I was taken to the hospital in Livingston, Montana, with heart problems. The doctor gave me a treadmill test. After two minutes my blood pressure dropped sharply and the doctor suspected a blockage to my heart. The doctor decided that I needed to be transferred to the hospital in Billings. At this point I was short of breath and very tired, with fluid on my heart and lungs.
      I telephoned Mother from the Livingston hospital and informed her that I was going to Billings. Mother made some powerful invocations over the phone. I could literally feel my heart burning while Mother made these invocations and I told her what I was feeling. Mother said, "That's right dear!" Mother was on her way to the chapel when I called. When she got there, she prayed again before the statues of Buddha and Kuan Yin.
      The next day I called Mother again. She made more invocations over the phone and told me that I needed to stay in embodiment because there was important work for me to do. I had additional tests that day at the hospital in Billings but the doctors could not find a blockage at all. I knew right away that there had been a miracle and that Mother's invocations had healed any blockage that might have been there.
      I want to express my gratitude to Mother and the angels. I am also very grateful to the community and the love and support of all their prayers. I know that Mother's mantle was fully present. Despite her own recent health problems, she is the Messenger and I am so grateful!