Dance the Jig
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Theresa Yui

      Mother very much appreciated the work of the headquarters staff. For those of us in the publishing arm of the organization, Mother participated in our everyday challenges and successes, creativity and hard work. Mother also goaded us on to accomplish the possible, and sometimes what seemed to us to be the impossible. Like other spiritual adepts, Mother did not have concepts of limitation and kept an incredible vision for the accomplishment of projects or of meeting timelines unobstructed.
      One Monday morning Mother and I were discussing our production and mailing schedule for the week. The production of various pieces of literature and a program for the Easter conference were in process. Work was already behind schedule for these items as we were getting very near to the time of the conference. Our team thought that if all went well we could get the entire mailing out on Friday at best.
      Mother really wanted the mailing to get out right away—Friday sounded too late. Our team explained to her what steps were involved and how long these steps would take. We also reviewed the other timely projects we had in process as well. Mother was quite empathetic and simply asked that we do our best. Mother said that if we could get the mailing out on Thursday, she might dance a jig.
      As a result of a great team effort and a bit of heavenly assistance, all the pieces of the mailing were completed and the majority of the mailing went to the post office on Thursday. I sent Mother a message to let her know the news and to remind her of what she had said.
      Her heartwarming reply came back on the fax machine: