A Matter of the Heart
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters

   In the winter of 1989 I went to the Grail Room at the Ranch Kitchen in Corwin Springs for a special event. I was going through a very painful divorce and feeling very downhearted, I actually had a heavy pain in my heart. I was in the ladies room at the same time as Mother and I consciously decided not to say anything more than, “Hello, Mother” because I wanted to respect her privacy. In the foyer leading to the ballroom, I became aware that Mother was noticing me. A few moments later she took the opportunity to speak to me and asked what the matter was. I was evasive in my response as I was awaiting a letter from my husband which would determine whether I would get a divorce. I wasn’t sure what to say at that point.
    That night while I slept, Mother came to comfort me at inner levels. She had a warm and motherly demeanor and said to me, “Is it a matter of the heart?” I woke up feeling Mother’s love and concern for me and I knew she cared about what I was going through. She did not let me avoid her and wriggle away in my painful condition without giving me her love. That experience touched my heart deeply and I am very grateful for it’s lesson in compassion.