Touched by a Star

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Dr. Paul Gammon

    It was my joy to be able to spend some quality time with Mother over a period of time stretching from 1984-1999 while I would be providing chiropractic care for her. As you may know, she was an outspoken proponent of natural health care remedies and it was a topic which she spoke about with energy and passion. We would often speak about the latest discoveries in the health arena and she always seemed to have a different perspective on things.
    One time, we were discussing a technique known as Network Chiropractic which consists of a very light touch in certain critical areas of the spine and cranium to unlock energy that is blocked at the time. She asked me how I liked Network and I said, "It is wonderful and so amazing that such a light touch could produce such big changes in the body." Mother gave me a surprised look and asked, "Why is that so amazing? The touch of light from a star a thousand light years away can change us forever." I could only smile and marvel at how profound her perspective could be and how it changed my life. I am deeply touched by the memory of every moment I had the privilege to share with her.