Nine Times More Power

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Terry Canady

    I want to give the world my testimony of the reality of Christ in Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. That is what I witnessed.
     Mother and I shared many wonderful moments over the years. Many times, Mother would open the songbook and invite me to sing with my guitar. She taught me as a musician to contemplate the difference in vibration between worldly music and more spiritual music. Once I sung a song to Mother that I had just written, “I and my Father are one, I and my Mother are one,”(later renamed and published in the songbook as "You Have Capability".) Mother noticed that a particular line in the music had a little curlicue. She asked me to sustain the note instead. I tried it again and she said, “That’s great. Now the song has nine times more power than it did before.”
   I tried complimenting Mother at the podium many times and she never let me finish. Once, I referred to her as one of the most stalwart soldiers on the planet and she told me to hush and sing my song.
    Mother always corrected me when I was out of alignment. Once, I was flying back with her from Washington DC. As an entertainer, I used to be “Mr. Laugh It Up,” always making light of things. On this particular occasion, Mother chastised me and told me how inappropriate my comments were and I remember thinking, “Good for her. Look at how much good she did to my soul.” She didn’t just rubberstamp who you thought you were. She always went straight to who we really are.