Aligning my Chakras
a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Karen Makris

    There are many precious moments I ponder as I decide which to share regarding my personal interactions with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mother of the Flame. I have been in the teachings since the summer of 1977. I went to Summit University that fall to Gabriel and Hope’s quarter. I had never seen the messenger in person before this so I was definitely checking her out. I sold my car and anything I could in order to pay the tuition.
    As many people know, Mother works with us in many ways both on the inner and the outer levels of being. I have many dreams where she is teaching and interacting with me. She came to me in my dream at SU and told me she was going to align my chakras. I laid down on basically nothing but air. She lifted her hand above my head and began to lower her hand from above my head moving slowly down my body. As she made this motion I felt and heard the chakras straightening. This was the beginning of my coming into alignment with the will of God in this life.
   Later that quarter during my communicant blessing, Mother told me that Gabriel and Hope had sponsored me in this life. It was very important for me to have heard this directly from her because it helped me be able to call to my sponsoring masters and know on which ray to focus service.
   Before I went to SU, I had little direction and hope in my life. I did not know my own self worth as a daughter of God who has the potential to become the Christ and serve others to do the same. The benefit I have received by applying the teachings of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet for nearly thirty years has saved my soul and many others from a life of uncertain fate.