Seven Flights Up the Fire Escape

a witness of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the ascended masters by Joyce Genis

     I first met Mark and Mother on their trip to Hawaii. I was only eighteen at the time. In the store I worked in, we had psychedelic posters up and a black light on and Mark told us to turn that light off before his presentation. Mother and Mark were spending much of their vacation time contacting people about the teachings. After Mark had finished presenting, Mother got up and gave a lecture. The way she put things together, I thought she was the most intelligent person I had ever heard. Mother and Mark asked me to come to the conference in Colorado Springs that summer and I said yes. I came to Colorado Springs and I stayed on.

    An event that touched me deeply was Mark’s memorial service, that Mother led. Her strength was phenomenal. When I think of what she must have gone through, losing her husband and the father of her children and having to carry on looking after her family and the organization in spite of her own grief. During the service, Mother personally blessed every staff member and we each got a tape of the event afterwards. It was so dear and so touching that she would have the strength to do that, to transfer the mantle of Mark to each one of us. She was always thinking of others first.

    Mother married my husband and I. Two years, later, our first daughter was born and Mother came to the hospital. The doctors had given me pain killing drugs and I was still groggy. Mother came during non-visiting hours and climb ed seven flights up the fire escape to get to my room. She was so sweet. She held my hand and told me that I had passed my initiations of motherhood.