"Whirling out of light I saw a daisy, and the sun of the daisy symbolizing the individual Christ Self and the emanation of its consciousness in the petals. It began to whirl. Then Saint Germain showed me in the center of each daisy a face—a beautiful face—of a soul of God. And he said, “I am impressing upon your aura the electronic vibration of every single one of these souls and also their faces and you will go up and down the earth and around this planet and find these souls and you will transmit the teachings. They are the shepherds that I am going to raise up."

— Elizabeth Clare Prophet from the album,
“I’m Stumping for the Revolution in Higher Consciousness”
© 1979 Summit University

   Those who have known Elizabeth Clare Prophet have seen her smile light up any room. They have heard a voice that stirs the soul and gazed into eyes that reflect infinity. Mother’s courage, determination and constancy helped to bring a spiritually liberating message to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Many still receive her healing assistance in dreams and visions, or even off a television screen. Others have been uplifted by laughing with her, by hugging her or by holding her hands.

   The witnesses posted here tell the story.

The Love of the Mother
Old Friends
Mother's Premonition
American of the Century
A Healing Vision
In More Than One Place
98 and More Work to Do!
Mother of the Bride
All My Money Back
Stop the Car!
Chopping and Mopping

A Crown of Stars
A Healing Miracle
A Field of Daisies
God Is the Doer
Miracles Will Take Place
An Unexpected Birthday Gift
My First Encounter
Rubbing our Baby's Feet
Flu Be Gone!
Greater Love

Auld Lang Syne
Dance the Jig
Mother and My Mom
The Teachings Are Real
A Cup of Tea
The Miracle of Transcendence
The Entire Universe
In the Eye of the Storm
Popcorn, Anyone?
A Matter of the Heart
Touched by a Star
Seven Flights Up the Fire Escape
Like a Sister
Nine Times More Power
My Commission from Mother Mary
A Wonderful Work
Aligning my Chakras
I Saw Sanat Kumara Appear
How Much of Your Soul Do You Own?
A Polish Meal



Daisies Photo Copyright (c) Robert H Zakon. Used with permission.